About Katie

Katie is an experienced 3D Designer with over 4 years industry experience in TV & Film and 5 years experience in Museums and Exhibitions,

As a skilled crafts person she has a strong background in metal work, hand formed and laser worked plastics. From creating historically accurate props and replicas for use in filming, bespoke artefact mounts for museum exhibitions to art department work for children's television. 

After moving to the south coast to study 3D Design at the University of Portsmouth she got a job at the Mary Rose Museum on their £36million museum rebuild project. Here she worked as a mountmaker within a team of 3 creating 5,000 mounts over 2 years. She worked very closely with the exhibition designer and curators, often giving advice and fresh insights to help make final decisions on designs and layouts. 

Moving to an exhibitions company she worked on projects such as the first world war centenary project at the Imperial War Museum, Rolling Stones Exhibitionism at the Saatchi Gallery and the American Air Museum. 

In 2015, Katie moved to London where she expanded on her desire to work in TV and Film. She has now worked across children's, comedy, and action features. Katie is happy in any role, from graphics and assisting to art direction.

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